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Post by xGRIDIRONxGURUx on Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:46 pm


DCSWars.com is simply this: A site where you can host your OD and compete against other OD's that are on the same console.

We have a full blown point system based on coach turnover rate, forum activity, and all the things that help build a solid community, as well as a site-wide tournament that allows you to compete with other members of the same console to win points for your OD in the "Dynasty Championship Series." Which is why we used the name DCS WARS!

Here is a general setup of how DCS WARS works:

We will be on a 2 advance per week schedule for the OD's hosted here. (Monday/Thursday) This is slow enough to keep all of the OD's on the same pace and allow for the extras we encourage here and maintain your "real life" outside of this game.

There are always times when someone in your OD needs to leave the OD and we know that coach turnover rates are a plague to OD's sometimes. That is why we allow a RECRUIT PERIOD which is 2 days after the bowl games for user to drop the OD and you to recruit someone you know or from the waiting list here. IF THE PLAYER HAS TO DROP BEFORE THE BOWL WEEK, then you lose your recruiting period and are auto assigned someone after others are done recruiting. This may seem unfair at first, but it promotes solid OD growth and dedicated coaches to be in the system. If you have to drop a users before the end of the season then you lose your recruit period and lose points as well. (Noted in the point system below)

During the seasons we encourage you to declare DCS WAR on another OD in which you can set up inter-league games that are RANKED games online so we can track the winner.

At the end of the season we will run a site tournament where your OD votes reps to compete against other coaches from the other OD's in your console group. Earn some nice points for your squad winning the DCS WARS challenges, site tournament and following the guidelines below!

At the start of each season all OD's will start with 100 points.

Here are some examples of how you can lose points:

** Missing the End Of Season -20
- If your OD needs to catch up or jump ahead to keep the pace due to vacation time and emergencies, that is fine, you are only required to meet the END OF THE YEAR DEADLINE! This way, everyone is at ease throughout the OD and all of those unexpected things that come up can be handled.

** Finishing Lower in Tournament -5
- If your representative from your OD that you vote in finished lower in the tournament between seasons than he did the year before, you will lose 5 points.

** Losing Recruit Period -5
- If you drop a coach in a season you lose your RECRUIT PERIOD and lose 5 points

**Lose 2 or more coaches -10
- If you drop 2 or more coaches in a season you lose your RECRUIT PERIOD and lose 10 points

**Lose a DCS WARS challenge -2
- If you lose a DCS WARS challenge if you initiated the challenge or not you lose 2 points for your OD

**Game Recaps not completed -15
- One of the biggest things that makes OD's fun and interesting are the interaction during the season about key match-ups, landing the big recruits, rivalries built, and wins earned. Not sharing in that is just cheating yourself of a fun time with a game that we all love to play. So if the people in your OD do not participate in Game Recaps you lose 15 points

Here are some examples of how you can GAIN points:

**Keep all 12 coaches all season +10
- Obvious... keep them... you get 10 points

**Finish higher in site tournament for your console +10
- Place higher than you did in the site tournament the last season and earn your OD 10 points

**Beat A Higher Seed +5
- If you beat a higher seed in the site tournament then you get 5 points for your OD

**6 Coaches Ranked in Top 25(Years 1-2) +10
- If you have 6 coaches that make it into the BCS polls in year 1 - 3 of the OD you earn 5 points

**6 Coaches Ranked in Top 10 (Years 3-4) +5
- If you have 6 coaches from your OD ranked int he BCS polls in the Top 10 then you earn 5 points

**Win a DCS WARS challenge +3
- If you win a DCS WARS challenge if you initiated the challenge or not you earn your OD 3 points

**Game Recaps Done +20
- As stated above, this is a big feature at making OD's fun, long-lasting, and in-depth. Do this and earn your OD 20 points.

All of this is to enhance the OD experience and not only promote strong, healthy, active OD's, but also give them a place to compete as a core group against others on the site to see who can win the Dynasty Championship Series!


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