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Create A Freshman 3 Star Dynasty

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Create A Freshman  3 Star Dynasty Empty Create A Freshman 3 Star Dynasty

Post by DbGt4226 on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:39 am

Create yourselves as freshmen on w/e team you choose (the team you're coaching or your fav) w/ an ovr no higher than a 70 (imo that's bout a 3 star freshman) and sends me the template to create them. Makes the Dynasty extra interesting cause you get to watch yourself get better & race for the heisman if he's good enough ltm.

The Dynasty will advance every 24hrs til user games kick in then erry 48hrs.. 7 min quarters heisman no sliders.. all restarts will be thrown out & games sim'd unless approved by me..

1. DbGt4226
2. mrbesteva
3. delija66
4. cofleric

Example of Template Ncaa12:

First Name: Matthew
Last Name: Khalid
Position: FS
Jersey Number: 15
School: Temple
Handedness: Right
Home State: Pa
High School: Philadelphia
Year: Freshman

Height: 6'2
Weight: 200lbs
Skin Tone: Dark
Face: Dark 1
Build: Default

Helmet: Standard
Facemask: Robot
Visor: Dark Under Armour
Shoulder Pad Height: 0
Left & Right Sleeve: Btm 1/2 Sleeve White
Jersey Sleeves: Tight
Left & Right Elbow: Normal
Left & Right Wrist: Normal
Left & Right Hand: Super Bad Team Color
Left & Right Bicep Band: TC
Left & Right Forearm Band: None
Left & Right Calf Band: TC
Left & Right Ankle: Ankle Brace
Left & Right Knee: None
Socks: Mid
Left & Right Shoe: Under Armour Low Cut
Flak Jacket: None
Back Plate: Standard
Handwarmer: None
Towel: None

Tendency: Coverage
Overall: 70
Speed: 99
Strengeth: 70
Agility: 99
Acceleration: 99
Awareness: 65
Not giving up the rest so yall can copy paste ltm but know my FS is a "Diamond" ltm. But this is a general idea of what it'll be looking like Template wise.

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