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Rules of OD (updated as needed)

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Rules of OD (updated as needed) Empty Rules of OD (updated as needed)

Post by str8upnobs on Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:44 pm

Basic info regarding our OD:

Skill level-Heisman (Across all difficulty level settings. Recruiting , Gameplay etc...)

Qtr length- 5 minutes

Advance schedule- At a minimum every 48 hours ,usually every 24 hours. Weekends are somewhat optional , not a whole lot of push there.....but will advance if ready.Off-season is pushed , we try to get it done all in one go , but if need be it is advance ASAP (At least twice a day).

We used to have a full house of 12 users , but w/ life changes , jobs etc... we lost a few & now it is down to 2 of us who share the responsibilities of running it and making sure everyone has a good time.

It is run from a shared account/username that me & another guy(xplicitmobb) share for advancing the dynasty and sending out messages to the users only(All users are required to add this ODCommish user to friends list to accommodate communication amongst the OD) .Upon advancing a week , we usually send out messages to all members via PSN , stating what date/time next advance is & any other pertinent information that needs passed on. We set down the rules for everyone , which basically consist of :

Treat others how you wish to be treated - Don't play too cheesy. It's one thing to attempt a 4th down conversion if behind late in the game , knocking on the door of the goal line & feel like taking a chance , but basically be realistic. If you are on your own 30 & it's 4th & 7 , punt.

Communication is a must- We generally try to advance daily through the week & optional through the weekends. This is usually the biggest hassle as far as the league goes. All we ask is that the users communicate w/ us. If not after awhile we usually just go if one or two are holding everyone else up.

Quitting and/or cheating are not permitted- Last year we made it a rule that if you had any restarts vs cpu w/o clear video or picture evidence that something went awry (game froze , glitch etc..) , we would throw the game out & simulate it. We haven't discussed this one yet this year , but we got a pretty good feel of who we can/'t trust out of the new guys from last year. We also had to remove a user last year for editing his entire roster to 6'6" or higher. So , stuff like that isn't tolerated either.

Must create a coach - No Nick Sabans or Urban Meyers . Everyone starts square.

Must add other dynasty members to friends list. Helps w/ scheduling & communication.

Conference Balance- We try to keep the users balanced between conferences. ex.- 2 B1G , 2 sec , 2 BIGXII . Sometimes we will make an exception , but we have to look at the big picture before ok'ing that , so as not to throw everything out of whack.

We may/may not require an "interview game" before allowing access to the OD.Depending on our knowledge of said player and/or needs of the OD.

I think that is it. Pretty much basic online etiquette.Afaik the teams that are already chosen are : tOSU , Oregon , Nebraska , Clemson , Notre Dame , Texas , LSU & Florida.


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