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OD update/Welcome

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OD update/Welcome Empty OD update/Welcome

Post by str8upnobs on Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:46 pm

What’s up everyone? Been awhile , but we are almost ready to get back into the OD for ’14. Have a few things to pass along & share w/ all the users. 1st off – We were invited (as an OD) , to participate in a website/forum. Which can be used to communicate , just shoot the “S” , or post happenings/media from your OD games. Rules & Coaches/Teams are also posted there. All are invited to register , and/or keep up on the happenings of the OD @ http://dcswars.forumotion.com/f4-str8up-od

Now we will still use PSN/txt as we did last year , but this can be one more tool to use for communication & ensuring things run smoothly.

The best rosters I have found thus far overall are the Official Operation Sports Forum ones. PSN ID – (Go to Team Management>Roster Share>Download Roster) pudgee691 .
They are still updating these as we speak .

Now , as to when we start. We haven’t really decided as of yet. The 1st hurdle was the rosters , which seem to be here. The 2nd is any gameplay/OD issues. I have read of some OD errors , & would like to feel confident these are all solved before starting. But me & xplicit will discuss ( & other users comments are welcome as well) a timeline for starting & we will pass that along as soon as we are confident in setting a date/time.

Also , we currently still have room for 3 more members. Preferably 1 in B12 , 1 in PAC12 , & 1 in SEC for conference balance throughout (2 users per conference). So if you know of anyone who can keep up w/ the schedule , get along w/ others , & has no problems communicating , feel free to recommend them to the OD & we will discuss it.

This will be posted in the forums mentioned above & sent out to all current members of OD via PSN.



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