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Tailgaters OD Rules

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Tailgaters OD Rules Empty Tailgaters OD Rules

Post by Hotty Toddy 92 on Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:23 pm

Tailgaters Online Dynasty
Name- (PS3) Tailgaters Football League
Difficulty- All-American Gameplay and Recruiting
QTR Length- 8-9 minutes
Teams/Confrence- Any Team 1 or 2 star teams, 3 star teams under 83, any confrence
Schedule advance- Every 2 to 3 days
Scheduling- 1st season actual schedule after must play atleast 3 players in a season, must contact players you want on schedule then message me the list of players you want to me, no 1-AA teams will be on schedule, will have fb or forum where schedules and league news will be posted
1. No restarts allowed unless good reason if you restart without a good reason you will be removed from league.
2. One onside kick in the first 3 quaters is allowed anytime in the 4th if your down.
3. You can go for it on 4th and inches anytime, 4th and 1 anytime past your 40, 4th and 5 past oppent 40, anytime when down by 3 touchdowns or down any in the 4th qtr.
4. No stat boosting agianst cpu 70 point cap limit.
5. No run commit.
6. Schedule times with players you can make if for some reason you cant make the time message the player.
7. You must start as a coordinator and coach must be created.
Additional Info
- You can play anyway you want just have to follow the onside kick, going for it on 4th, cpu cap rule, and run commit.
- You may accept any job offer you recieve but you mut finish your first contract after the first contract you can leave any school anytime.
- If its to easy or enough people ask i may bump up difficulty or use a custom slider.
- Trash talk and joking around is something that everyone does just dont cross the line.
- No recruiting limit but dont go overboard or else the cpu becomes week.
- We all have life outside of video game be sure to tell me if your going on vacation or something comes up so i can no not to advance and you dont get in trouble in the league.
- There will be no time savers would take the challenge out of everything and give you unfair advantage.
- Will be 12 players in league
- May add recruiting board limit of 25 or 20 as a saftey for over recruiting players Ill let the users decide.
- If your being bothered by another user dont post it send me a private message. If you post something like that you will be removed from league.
- League will start when roster comes out for the game and everybody is ready to start.
- I will send a document out with everyones PSN on it so you can add may get peoples phone numbers to make scheduling easier and communication.
- Communicate with other users communication is important the league will run much smoother if everyone communicates.
- The first person to take a job in each of the major conferences meaning the sec, acc, big 10, big 12, pac 12 and all american confrence will be that confrences commish and can trade teams or send invites to other users to join there conference teams changing must be approved by commish. if more than one person accepts a job in major confrence the highest prestige will become commish if even prestige i will choose who becomes commish.
- Email me the team you wish to use so you can go ahead and know your team.
1 violoation- Loss of scholorships number will be determined on violation
2 violation- loss of more scholorships one or more player will be forced to sit out a game or games and player will be put on probation for a month.
3 violation- Kicked from League no questions asked.
- If players are suspended the user will have to place them to the lowest slot on the depth chart if that player plays before game you will be removed from league.
- Number of scholorships lost and what players and ammount of games they will be        out for will be determined by the other users .
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Any questions feel free to email me at jggofort@go.olemiss.edu
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